The Most Important Lending Times Charts For Online Lending

Lending Times has put together the most interesting tables and charts that we believe showcase the p2p, marketplace, and online lending industry. As in any industry, there is good news, bad news, good news and bad news. We have tried to encompass them all. We hope this selection will give viewers a quick, in-depth and comprehensive overview of our industry.

# 1 How much value are online lenders adding to the world of finance?

Source: Orchard platform. Link to the article where the graphic first appeared.

# 2 The size of the online loan securitization market relative to the height of the mortgage-backed securitization market. There is a lot of room for growth.
Bloomberg 4

# 3 What banks think about fintech trends and their response.

pwc 4

# 4 Banks have already reacted and are taking action.

# 5 Different business models for online lenders lead to different profitability.
ondeck balance sheet accounting

Source: In Search of the Alpha

# 6 The Lending Club’s effect of the crisis on volumes
LC retail volumes

# 7 Overall debit rates for credit cards at banks and trends.first 100 bank charge rate for credit cards

# 8 Sources of investment for fintechs: capital is the lifeline.Quarterly-Global-Financement-Trends-to-VC-Backed-Fintech-Companies-768x374

# 9 Desktop vs website vs mobile technology, what should you use?application-vs-mobile-web-768x396

# 10 The bottom of the online credit bubble?
layoffs from the market

# 11 Consumers’ perception of p2p risk

p2p loan risk assessment

# 12 Goldman Sachs funding mix change

Goldman's sources of capital

Source: Financial Times

# 13 US MPL Annual Loan Volume, USD Million, 2011-2015us-mpl-annual-loan-volumes


# 14 Annual volume of MPL loans in UK, in millions of pounds, 2010-2015

consumer loan versus business loan


# 15 Factors behind MPLs being used to borrow money, retail consumers



# 16 Saving the Cost of Illustrative Bank Loans and MPLs



# 17 Financing Cost of an Unsecured Personal Loan: Banks vs MPL, Current and Standardized Credit Environments

financing cost


# 18th P2p loan volume in the UK


Source: Alt Fi

# 19th Unemployment and Credit Card Levy Rate in the United States

unemployment credit cards

Source: TechCrunch

# 20th Fintech Bank partnerships table


Source: Lend Academy

# 21st P2P market volume by country

# 22nd volume in the European online alternative loan market

# 23rd volume in the European online alternative finance market

# 24th Default rate over time

arrears by type of loan

# 25 Examples of lenders and their referral numbers

Source: Do you do SEO? An opportunity for P2P loan companies

In case you’re interested: Trust feed shows how trustworthy the sites that link to these lenders are, while the Quotes feed shows how popular the sites that link to lenders are. Both numbers range from 0 to 100 but are logarithmic, so the higher you go, the harder it is to go even higher. The estimated traffic numbers should be in the right direction, but take them with a grain of salt.

# 26 Sources of capital for the loan club

Loan club investorsSource: Lend Academy

# 27 Loan volumes before and after 2008

Source: WSJ

# 28 Trends in defaults for credit cards, mortgages, and loans

delinquency rate in us

Source: Deloitte Report Lending 2.0

# 29 T4’16 loan origins for U.S. digital lenders

loan arrangements


# 30 Delinquency rate after 12 months for consumers with 4 types of loans


# 31 American hits new high in total debt balance


# 32 Non-housing debt balance hits new high


# 33 Delinquency trends by type of loan, see increase in student defaults


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