Simplu Credit launches a 100% online credit product accessible in a few minutes

After a first quarter with results up 44% compared to the same period last year, Simplu Crédit, one of the top 10 non-banking financial institutions (NFIs) in terms of assets, begins the digitalization process financial services and launches 24/7 Online Credit for personal needs.

Thus, private customers can obtain financing up to 5,000 lei in just a few minutes by applying online on the Simplu Credit site, without having to go to a physical branch. The credit charges are fixed and the duration of the credit is between 6 and 48 months.

For the establishment of the personal loan online, Credit Simplu collaborated with the French company Ariadnext, one of the main European providers of digital identification services. The entire digital flow of the application is based on the use of innovative IT solutions for information analysis and security, such as automatic data recognition (OCR), biometrics identification and analysis and automated decisions, including machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

“We are excited to join the digitalization trend by integrating online lending solutions into our sales channels, complementing the growing network of Simplu Credit branches. 24/7 online lending offers customers the ability to access a loan with almost instant approval when they urgently need a small sum of money.All loan details are transparently accessible before the contract is signed and costs remain unchanged during term of the loan. In addition, customers who pay their installments on time benefit from cost reductions which allow them to save substantial amounts on the total amount owed. We have set a target of approximately 100 loan applications per day and a sales volume of 1.5 million lei through this channel by the end of this year”, says Mircea Lupu, managing director of Simplu Credit.

The steps to obtain credit online are simplified compared to the traditional procedure and are very fast. All the client needs is their ID and mobile phone when applying for credit. When applying, the applicant electronically completes and signs the documents proving their income, the credit application and the personal data processing agreement with the credit bureau. The inquiry of the financial situation at ANAF and the credit history at the Credit Bureau is carried out automatically, and the identity confirmation is automated and carried out using state-of-the-art technologies. If the loan application is approved, the contract is issued instantly and is also signed electronically, with confirmation by SMS.

People who can apply for the online credit offered by Simplu Credit must meet a series of eligibility conditions, namely being at least 18 years old, having a net income of at least 1,000 lei of salary, respecting the rule a maximum debt ratio of 40% at the granting of the credit or not having any outstanding payments.

The launch of online personal loans is a first step towards the adoption of digital solutions, and the company has initiated other digitization processes with the aim of facilitating access to financial services for the unbanked population and reducing time spent on operational processes.

In the first quarter of 2022, Simplu Credit recorded retail loan sales for a total of 4.93 million lei (equivalent to approximately 1 million euros), up 44% compared to the same period last year. last.

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David A. Albanese