Online sales resume in Korea, even after social distancing rules lifted

Online shopping spending surged after social distancing rules were lifted.

According to the joint survey by local e-commerce platforms Gmarket and Auction of 5,320 customers, 51% of respondents said their spending increased somewhat in May after social distancing rules were fully lifted, followed by 26% who said their spending had increased sharply.

In other words, 8 in 10 respondents said online shopping spending increased after social distancing rules were lifted.

When asked why their spending has increased, the largest share of respondents (40%) cited increased gift shopping along with increased social gatherings, followed by “self-reward for having managed to overcome confinement at home”. restrictions” (20%) and “no particular reason, but to feel better to resume a normal life” (17%).

Fashion and beauty items took the biggest share of 32% of online shopping spend after social distancing rules were lifted.

Spending on hobby, sporting and leisure items increased 15%, while spending on travel items and airline tickets increased 13%.

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David A. Albanese