Online sales hit vegetable sector by 50% in Koyambedu

CHENNAI: Despite the drastic drop in vegetable prices due to an adequate supply in the Koyambedu wholesale market, the sale has had an impact of 50%, as retailers buy through online portals at lower costs.

The market received nearly 500 vehicles of vegetables from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, resulting in a drop in prices of at least 10%. On special occasions, sales are slightly better than usual.

“Previously, only one online application was available to sell vegetables and our sales were affected by 5-10%. But, over the past 10 years, there have been multiple mobile apps and no quick sells. Currently, more than 50% of business has been affected in the market,” said P Sukumaran, secretary of Koyambedu Wholesale Market Merchants.

Retailers who buy in large quantities, for example 10 to 15 kilograms, are now buying online, which is much cheaper than market rates. Besides, it reduces travel costs, unnecessary traffic jams and saves more time.

Another wholesaler claimed that if vegetable prices spike in the market, online traders will sell at much higher rates than usual. “At this time, these retailers and the general public are buying directly from the market,” he added.

Prices dropping another 10%, tomatoes are sold between 10 and 15 rupees per kg, onion between 15 and 20 rupees per kg, beans 30 rupees per kg, broad beans and red beets 20 rupees per kg each, bitter gourd and potato each. sold for Rs 25 – Rs 30.

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David A. Albanese