Online sales have kept Robbinsdale record store afloat during pandemic

10:00 AM | Sunday, November 28, 2021

Dan and Betsy Ruppert-Kan operate Fly Vintage and Vinyl in Robbinsdale. When retail stores had to close during the pandemic, the store focused more on developing online sales and credits that help the store stay in business.

The Ruppert-Kan’s opened their store in 2018. Dan took care of the store’s records and stereo equipment, and Betsy took care of vintage products.

But when the pandemic hit, they shut down for 14 months. It was a difficult time for the store.

“It took me a few days to recover. I was a little stunned after the lockdown started, ”said Dan Ruppert-Kan, owner of Fly Vintage and Vinyl.

Owners have pivoted to strengthen their online presence.

“They claim there is a one click retail store you can add,” Dan said. “I clicked that click and it’s true, you can add a store page with just one click. But then there’s about 150 more clicks to add banking and shipping and all kinds of other things, ”Dan said.

The Fly Vintage and Vinyl online store was born.

“I just started posting one recording at a time online. At one point we had maybe 900 records listed, ”Dan said. Vinyl was easier to ship, and the store found customers in the Midwest, Colorado, Washington, and California. Dan says they have a few customers down south.

Dan distinguished Fly by providing an exceptionally clean product.

Dan Ruppert-Kan ultrasonically cleans all discs priced over $ 4

“And as far as I know, we’re the only record store in the country and possibly the world that ultrasonically cleans all of our records at $ 4 and up,” Dan said.

The vinyl is treated with TLC and the vintage is some of the most eclectic and highest quality you can find.

When the store opened to the public in May, Dan and Betsy were ready to see people.

“Seeing our clients again was like a family reunion every day,” Betsy said.


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