Online sales are not the best time to buy smartphones — iPrice

Smartphone prices are higher during online sales like 11.11 and 12.12 than normal days, according to study published in March by the iPrice groupan online shopping meta-search website based in Malaysia.

During each month of 2021 starting in August, the cheapest median smartphone prices in the Philippines occurred on non-sale days rather than sale days. The cheapest of the year went for around 17,200 pesos, almost a week after the 11.11 sale on November 17.

During this time, prices were increased days before Sales. October, for example, was the worst time to buy a smartphone, with the median price increasing from September 30 and reaching 22,100 pesos on October 2. It only fell to 20,500 pesos during the 10.10 sale itself.

iPrice found that bargain hunters should have gotten a phone on September 25 instead, since the price was 15% lower at around P18,300.

However, based on median prices per month, the study determined that December was the best month to buy a smartphone, costing only P18,300 on average. The average October price was highest at around 20,600 pesos.

This means that 12.12 offered the cheapest smartphone price of all sales days, with a cost of only P17,600.

The Philippines has the second-highest smartphone price of any Southeast Asian country included in the study, iPrice also found.

Second only to Singapore, which had the highest median price of 23,400 pesos, smartphones in the country cost an average of 19,100 pesos. Indonesia had the cheapest median price for smartphones at P13,000.

“Given that the Philippines has one of the lowest wages and highest smartphone prices in the region, Filipinos need the best possible deals,” the e-commerce site said in a statement.

“So, iPrice created this study to help Filipino consumers save money when buying smartphones,” he added.

Between July 16 and December 31, 2021, smartphone price data was collected using iPrice’s database of over 7 billion products and 8 million sellers across SEA. This period was chosen for the increase in traffic due to online sales, the aggregator said. — Bronte H. Lacsamana

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