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VIJAYAWADA: In an effort to encourage Kondapalli toy artisans and help them financially, a private Kondapalli organization has started selling the world famous toys online without profit or loss.
The company sells the toys online in the United States and Canada and plans to sell in European countries. The e-commerce website, Matrix Shopper, was started by a certain Sk Alisha a few years ago.
Kondapalli toys are famous for their vibrant colors and centuries-old production techniques. With themes of mythology, rural life and animals, the toys are part of a tradition that dates back over 400 years and has been passed down from generation to generation in the village of Kondapalli near Vijayawada.
Kondapalli native Sk Alisha told STOI that he usually imports different products from China and sells them online. “I was born and raised in Kondapalli and am very aware of this unique craft. Hoping to financially elevate the craftsmen of Kondapalli toys, I thought of selling them without profit or loss.
He added that sales from online revenue are paid to the artisan and no commission is charged by the company except for shipping costs. Currently, he has ties with two craftsmen and plans to increase the number to increase toy sales.
Munduru Durga Prasad, a Kondapalli craftsman, told STOI that a few months ago Sk Alisha approached him with the idea of ​​selling the toys online. “It could be a boon for us in the near future if sales increase,” said Durga Prasad.

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