How to Increase Online Sales During Graduation Season 2022

EEVERY YEAR In late spring or early summer, millions of young people graduate from high school or university, beginning a new chapter in their lives. It’s a time of celebration and one of life’s most treasured memories. Gifts are given by family and friends not only to help mark the special occasion, but to ensure that it will always be remembered. Unique and personalized gifts are precious and jewelry can be personalized for the individual, whatever their style.

Spending on graduation gifts has only increased over time, with the average age of the buyer being between 40 and 55 for a recipient aged 17 to 23. For jewelry store owners, parents of graduates are the key demographic to target, but there are also gifts bought by siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and more! In fact, anyone related to someone who is a graduate can become your client. Not to mention that there are also family friends who can also buy a gift.

Graduation is the perfect time for every jeweler to step up their marketing game and grow their business. Here are three ways to increase your online jewelry sales during May and June.


1. Do paid digital advertising.

Having organic traffic to your site is wonderful, but it’s not always guaranteed. The only way to make sure your audience you want to reach sees you is through paid advertising.

With recent reductions in social media reach and the growing difficulty of ranking in Google’s search results, jewelers continue to face stiff competition from other local jewelers and bigger online rivals. .

You’ll want to focus your efforts on the traffic channels your audience is on and engage them where they are. Running paid ads helps expose your brand to new prospects and reminds them that graduation time is approaching. One platform that has been remarkably effective is Facebook; the advertisements they offer are very targeted and can adapt to any digital marketing strategy.

No matter what type of digital advertising or channel you choose, getting started is more important than waiting “until the time is right”. Otherwise, it might never happen. If you run your ads too late, the momentum is lost and many graduating shoppers have already purchased a gift or gone to your competition.

2. Have an email marketing plan.

Even with the dominance of social media in our lives, consumers have been proven to check their email as often, if not more, than Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. Email remains one of the best ways to reach your target audience and ensure your offer is seen. Often on social media, your message can be easily drowned out or ignored.

Email is a way for you to reduce clutter and is very cost effective.

With emails, you can offer promo codes, “buy one, get one free” offers, and even personalized content tailored to different segments of your audience. You can even create in-store only specials and drive foot traffic to any location. By testing your list with different offers and running email outreach campaigns, you can dramatically increase your chances of success.

The most successful jewelers start building their email list early to ensure they will have a good base of potential customers as graduation approaches.

3. Generate traffic using social media.

A recent report by Forbes showed that 25% of social media users who follow a company’s page had a direct effect on their buying decision. Social media is how people communicate today and has become the new word of mouth marketing.

There are many ways to leverage your social media strategy. User-generated content, also known as UGC, is content created by your audience that gets re-shared on your channel. For example, a customer who takes a selfie and wears your jewelry and then hashtags you, is a great
piece of content to share with your audience. It also acts as an implied endorsement and becomes an organic testimonial about your jewelry store.

To take full advantage of social media, you can also consider working with social media influencers who are trusted by their audience and who can help promote your brand. In many cases, influencers have generated dozens of new sales over the lifetime of a partnership.

Think about the type of influencer your ideal client would follow, then work with them on a promotion or special offer that you think would appeal to who you’re trying to reach.

You can also use this same method to generate jewelry leads through giveaways or contests, by hosting them yourself, or by partnering with someone with an existing audience. Think outside the box and see what you can find!

Remember that content is still king. This is the most important factor for being seen on social media and is how the algorithm determines the number of likes, comments and shares each post receives. That’s how things go viral.

Social media can be a crowded and noisy place, so think about every piece of content before you post it and ask yourself, “Is this something worth sharing?” Content that doesn’t work can hurt you tremendously while reducing your social reach, keeping you invisible.

It is very difficult to recover a social media channel with poorly performing posts. Social media companies have limited bandwidth in their user feeds and won’t post your content or invest in your channel unless it’s worth it and keeps users engaged.


In conclusion, when preparing for graduation season, it’s important for jewelry retailers to plan their marketing campaigns well in advance and be sure that their website can handle the influx of new shoppers. If your digital advertising is done correctly, you should expect an increase in demand during the months of May and June.

It’s essential that you not only have the technical capabilities in place to handle it all, but also the jewelry inventory in stock to fulfill orders. You’ll also want to make sure your website is mobile-friendly and the experience is comparable to the desktop version and just as easy to use. Mobile e-commerce now accounts for the majority of site traffic, so it’s an area that can’t be overlooked.

Remember that today’s consumer has a wide variety of choices when shopping for a gift for a loved one. As a trusted jeweler in your area, your goal should be to become the number one choice when someone wants to buy jewelry to remember a special occasion.

Get started now with these 3 methods and when graduation season rolls around, you’ll be valedictorian.

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David A. Albanese