Customers can get credit pre-approved online in Irvine, CA

2021 Mazda CX-3

To apply for a car loan, potential buyers must fill out a form

Tuttleclick Mazda customers can get pre-approved credit online for an auto loan in Irvine, CA.

To apply for an auto loan, potential buyers must fill out a form. They must mention their personal information, such as their name, telephone number, etc. After that, they must disclose their address and employment information. Finally, customers must mention the type of vehicle they wish to purchase. Once the form is completed, they can submit it. The dealer’s finance team will move the application process forward.

The dealer works with various banks and lending institutions to tailor a loan package that suits the customers perfectly. Moreover, even if the customers have bad credit, the dealership does its best to secure them a loan at favorable interest rates.

Potential buyers have the flexibility to choose any vehicle from the dealership’s inventory of new and used vehicles.

Therefore, all interested parties are invited to visit or call 844-630-0819 for more information. They can also visit the dealership at 41 Auto Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618.

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