cloudHQ Launches New Way To Manage Online Sales From Your Phone With “Emails To Sheets”

For businesses that require more complex email analysis, cloudHQ’s assistant can be accessed from the desktop to perform useful operations such as:

  1. Save a Gmail label in Google Sheets
  2. Extract information from the body of emails to Google Sheets (like booking / sale confirmations, price, customer, etc.)
  3. Create a mailing list by extracting all contact information in a user’s Gmail account, where contact profile enrichment is applied
  4. Identify all rejected email addresses
  5. Track email campaigns sent from this Gmail account (works well with cloudHQ’s email marketing software called
  6. Analyze Google alerts

“Everyone has information in their emails that they need,” said Senad Dizdarfounder and CEO and cloudHQ. “We have found that displaying this information in a spreadsheet increases efficiency and helps reduce unnecessary distractions that naturally accompany emails. ”

Export emails to Google Sheets has a free basic plan which includes 50 email exports per month, a Premium plan with up to 200,000 email exports per month and a subscription to the Premium Plus account which includes an unlimited number of email exports to leaves.

cloudHQ, LLC is located at San Francisco, Californiawith a team of just under 10 people, all working remotely.


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David A. Albanese