CIMB online credit card system is experiencing downtime

CIMB took to social media to reassure customers that their teams are “working to get our systems back to normal” after “experiencing technical issues,” and to apologize for any inconvenience caused to customers trying to access its banking services today (September 4).

The problem first emerged when companies like Malaysia Airlines and Shopee posted statements on their respective social media platforms informing CIMB users of a technical issue with the card payment system. Users were then invited to use the CIMB Clicks online banking portal or other payment methods.

However, it seems that users are also facing issues with CIMB clicks. A user who goes through the handle @ Mergana7 shared a screenshot detailing system downtime information on the website, which appeared to indicate that the online banking portal would be inaccessible to users until 7 p.m. today.

Another user with the @LordPejal handle also uploaded a screenshot showing that there is a problem with accessing the website. In a statement to another user, CIMB claimed that CIMB Clicks “works as usual”. He advised the user to “clear cache history” in their web browser before accessing CIMB clicks.

Meanwhile, other users claim that other CIMB banking services like ATM are also affected by issues.

This is the second time in recent weeks that CIMB has reportedly faced problems with its banking system. On August 26, CIMB announced through its social media platform that he was having technical issues with CIMB clicks. Then, on August 28, he announced that the portal was working as usual.

The star contacted CIMB for a statement.

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