Case Former improves packaging efficiency for online sales

Wexxar Bel’s new BEL 5150E semi-automatic case forming/wrapping/sealing machine is designed for businesses in the e-commerce supply chain, especially those with low to medium speed packaging operations.

The machine features an automatic case size change to accommodate the frequent case size changes that e-commerce sellers face. Built-in servomotors at the three change points (length, width and height) allow rapid and automated size change. Selecting the optimal case size for the order saves shipping and dunnage costs, and helps reduce the risk of product damage.

Designed to be integrated with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, the BEL 5150E can track the packaging flow from picking to shipping. As the prepared orders are routed to the packing station, the ERP system signals the machine and operator with advice on the best case for that order. The equipment then changes to the appropriate size and the operator loads the correctly sized box. After packing, each crate is checked, sealed and labeled for shipment.

The equipment can change up to 30 different box sizes, and this capacity can be extended if necessary.

Wexxar Bel will be exhibiting this new product at WestPack 2021 (Anaheim, CA; August 10-12), booth 5221.

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David A. Albanese