Black Friday moves to more online sales

“Having trouble trying to find stores that are open today?” We asked a customer who was waiting for a friend in an empty Target parking lot (except for us).

“Well, I went to McDonald’s early in the morning and they were open so I was glad I found a place that was open today,” Debby Clark explained with a laugh.

While McDonald’s still served burgers on Thursday, two of the nation’s largest retailers, Target and Walmart, both announced they will be closing again for Thanksgiving this year, and other stores have followed suit. In Albuquerque, many shoppers don’t seem to mind waiting for Black Friday.

“People need days off, but it will probably make them better employees,” Clark said.

Because online is always an option

Their doors may be closed, but Walmart is already promoting its “Days of Deals” online. On, a similar post, saying “you can still find amazing deals online now”.

According to an Adobe business report, consumers are expected to spend more than $ 5 billion on Thanksgiving, a record for online shopping days.

And for some buyers, the switch to the Internet is a good thing. I asked Clark when was the last time she walked into a box store on Black Friday?

“Oh, a long time ago, a long time ago,” Clark said. “Do you shop online? Yes. In store Friday? No!”

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David A. Albanese