Advertisement: BCA launches suite of new digital tools as online sales grow

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BCA has launched a suite of new digital tools, offering a range of online solutions that customers can access 24/7, 365 days a year across all platforms, to make doing business with BCA even easier .

Major digital upgrades were announced for BCA Search, Partner Finance, MyBCA Selling and Online Proxy Bidding.

The new and improved vehicle search offers superior filtering, improved functionality and improved search results. BCA listened to customer feedback to provide a more intuitive and informative search function that helps shoppers make smarter decisions, faster.

BCA’s upgraded vehicle search has a new, more eye-pleasing layout, improved visual content and initial access to key decision-making content to help buyers find the stock they need from thousands of vehicles offered every day in BCA’s online sales. There’s a new color-coded summary for the BCA Assured and BCA Essential Check reports, instantly giving customers the information they need when researching stock.

The BCA Partner Finance Online feature is an easy and convenient way for customers to submit vehicle transfer requests online directly from the MyBCA customer portal. It makes managing equity finance options even easier and gives clients the tools they need to efficiently manage Partner Finance transfer requests on their auction purchases at BCA, saving time and offering visibility into status at every step.

BCA is also piloting the new MyBCA sales platform, a digital tool to view and manage the inventory that customers sell through BCA. The service tracks vehicles from their arrival at BCA remarketing centers until they are assigned for sale. The dashboard provides an overview of all customer-entered inventory and status updates as vehicles progress through the workflow, highlighting vehicles that will be on sale over the next few months. 24 hours, with search, sort and note functions as well as export information to help customers. track their sales stock. BCA will continue to release new features for MyBCA Selling based on customer feedback.

BCA’s new online Bulk Proxy Bidding feature helps buyers quickly review and modify their bids placed on stocks in BCA’s online sales program. The updated user experience makes it easier to manage bids placed with access to view full vehicle details at any time from the Manage Bids page. The new feature notifies buyers when lots will be offered for sale and offers reminder tags as sales progress, as well as advice if vehicle details are changed before the sale. BCA buyers can quickly identify suspended offers and process them online, saving time and streamlining the process.

BCA is committed to improving and improving the digital experience of its customers by providing a consistent and user-friendly service across mobile and desktop platforms. These latest upgrades help our customers control every step of their interactions with BCA, saving them time and improving the efficiency of the digital sales process.

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