9 Tips on How to Use Instagram Reels to Increase Online Sales

Did you know that, like IG Stories, Lives, and IGTV, Instagram Reels offer an easier way to reach your target audience?

Today, Instagram offers various visual means to help business owners promote their online sales and business. IG Reels provide entrepreneurs with a better sharing opportunity and a better view of their business products, as even non-subscribers can watch curated content without following the business account.

If you’re thinking of increasing your online sales and building your brand using Instagram Reels, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you’ll learn nine actionable tips on how to use Instagram Reels to increase online sales, brand awareness, and engagement. First, browse Followersid.net to learn more about how everyone has the opportunity to reach new audiences around the world and drive your brand through engaging reels that will get liked and seen. .

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram reel is a new feature offered by Instagram to help promote a brand. Instagram reels are often short video clips of around fifteen to thirty seconds. They are more like TikTok videos as they are entertaining to allow entrepreneurs to include filter effects, duplicate audio and edit videos to be eye-catching before sharing them with followers.

IG reels appear on the subscribers feed; however, it is more beneficial for public account brands. They have the added benefit of making reels accessible to a wider audience, whether or not they follow the brand.

Ways to Use Instagram Reels to Increase Sales

Before creating reels, business owners should understand that reels play a vital role in introducing their brand to a wider audience, nurturing leads and encouraging sales generation. Are you wondering how it goes? Its content market strategy gives the target audience more information and information about the brands’ products and services. Here are some tips for brands to get the most out of Instagram Reels.

Create a working reels marketing strategy

When used strategically, video content can increase site traffic, drive engagement, and improve sales. However, entrepreneurs should research the type of videos that their target audience prefers.

According to recent statistics, people watch Instagram for various reasons.

Once entrepreneurs know what content their target audience is looking for in IG videos, the next thing entrepreneurs want to do is post reels that will quickly get noticed by users.

Structure IG Reels for Success

It’s not just about creating reels from the blues. The video strategy helps you determine which video reels can meet audience needs. However, the way companies structure their reels will decide whether or not they generate an increase in sales or not. IG reels usually have six structures that help grab user attention while increasing sales.

  • Present the video content: this step is usually between 0:00 and 0:03 seconds. Entrepreneurs should learn to dive into the title and subject of the video within the first three seconds. This gives the public a general idea of ​​the products and services being auctioned.
  • Define the hook: the hook usually contains the wow factor that grabs users’ attention and makes them watch. The square brackets should always fall between the next two seconds after the introduction.
  • Value-added content: after the first six seconds of the hook introduction, the following content should add value to the user’s knowledge. Here, brands can capture the impact of their content on the lives of viewers.
  • thriller: A cliffhanger is something that grabs the user’s attention. In IG reels, cliffhangers can be a tip, fact, or hint about the benefits of using the products.
  • Add more value: After the cliffhanger, offer more value-added information that the audience does not know about the product.
  • call to action: CTAs usually come at the end of the reels. After watching the reels, CTA invites viewers to follow or purchase the featured products.

Tell the brand story

Since we’ve established how to structure Instagram reels, the next step to creating a reel that can drive sales is to incorporate the brand story into the video reels.

Telling the brand story will create a fun and authentic atmosphere that will help business owners build a meaningful connection with their customer point of sale, thereby increasing sales.

A reel like this will incorporate content that tells the story of the brand from its inception and highlights the brand’s gratitude to its subscribers and customer base. These video reels will be fun and emotional while making the audience feel the love of the brand and the value of their relationship.

It can also encourage users to frequent the brand constantly.

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Every business owner should keep in mind that the brand story will also detail the current status of business services and products, thus showcasing the product in action. A great way to show the product in action is to include an image or clip of people using the brand’s products and services.

Take the audience behind the stage

Subscribers appreciate brands sticking to their promises of transparency. But, they get curious when they find a product they love but want to be sure their investment will be worth it. So, try to be real and satisfy the curiosity of the audience through video reels. The best way to do this is to show how each product is made behind the scenes.

For example, brands that specialize in providing skincare solutions to customers can create video reels of how their products are made. These behind the scenes reels can also feature the before and after clip of products. However, that doesn’t mean business owners have to fully open up about their secret ingredients. Instead, a bit of behind-the-scenes footage should be enough to satisfy the audience’s curiosity and assure them that the brand’s product would be worth the investment.

Introduce new products

An added benefit of using the IG Reels feature is that business owners can create custom reel videos that promote their new products. So, whether you’re in the fashion industry, selling electronics, skincare products, or any other product and service required by your target audience, Instagram Reels help you create videos of 15 seconds that put the product in the spotlight.

Business owners can talk about product benefits or show how it works to create a product reel. Additionally, a combination of video clips and graphic images can be used to provide detailed information about new brand products and services.

Find the best time to post IG reels

Another way IG Reels can increase online sales is when entrepreneurs learn to post Reels at a strategic time of day when users will be online. However, posting video reels when the audience is offline would mean less engagement.

At different times of the day, millions of users log into their Instagram profiles to watch trending videos and find new information. So, believe it or not, posting at strategic times when users will be online will give the business a better chance of generating more leads and sales. The good news is that it’s not that difficult to know when your target audience is online. Check Instagram stats to see when followers are most active online.

Once you know that, the next step is to post Instagram reels a few minutes before or after they go live.

Share tips and tricks

You will be surprised at how much people flock to get your products and services when you constantly provide them with useful tips and tricks that will be useful to them when they use your product.

No matter the industry. The fun part of sharing tips and tricks with subscribers is that it grabs their attention and explains how using the product in a different way other people are using it can benefit them while saving them the stress of keeping up with the usual process.

Try as much as possible to create simple tips and tricks. This encourages viewers to watch the video until the end rather than skipping to the next reel.

Introduce the production team via the reels

One feature that most professional social media pages lack is a certain air of personality. The public wants to know the brand well, including the production team. So use reels to interview the production team outside the offices.


The fun part, while business owners introduce their teammates, they can also use reels to showcase brands’ products and services.

Announce discounts and promotional sales on Instagram Reels

Did you know that many potential buyers are willing to try a new, cheaper product? The best part, if they like the product, they become part of the brand’s loyal customers.

Promotions and sales discounts have the potential to increase customer acquisition and increase sales, as the public buys their dream products and services for free. So, announcing sales promotions through reels will help businesses to generate more sales.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Forget to Add a CTA for Every Reel Posted

Apart from creating a video marketing strategy for reels, business owners should also make sure that they add a unique call to action that will entice the audience to order products. For example, a good CTA would typically include an auto-reply DM feature that induces a chat dialog asking viewers to send a direct message to the brand-client team.


Instagram reels are as crucial as other content marketing strategies used on Instagram. Do you doubt it? Log into Instagram and you’ll see that even the top spot on the explore page is now specially dedicated to IG Reels.

For this reason, adopting IG reels as part of your brands marketing strategy shouldn’t be a second thought. IG highlights a brand’s commercial products and services, making it visible to thousands of audiences and potential followers while generating more sales.

The good news is that reels are easy to create if business owners know what type of videos their audience prefers to watch and how to structure video content. With these tips above, every business owner can effectively use Instagram reels to generate more sales for their business.

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